Web Site Design

Web Design stands for online content planning, conceptualizing and editing processes under Evakreatif. In this respect Evakreatif Digital Agency’s Professional Web Site Design serves in order for the website’s overall functionality to have a more aesthetical design. For a practical and easy utilization web applications, mobile applications and user interface design are also included in its scope of services in the web design field. Concordantly, Evakreatif Web Site Design’s scope of services involves:

  • Institutional Web Sites
  • Landing Page Design
  • E-commerce & E-export Web Sites


Evakreatif Web Design Department works on a web site’s visuals, its layout and in some cases its content; it concerns itself with the colors, fonts and images that will be used. Layout is the way data is configured and categorized. A well-designed web site is easy to use, stylish and suitable for its users and its brand. Most websites are designed based on simplicity, thus they do not contain elements that could be distracting for the users.

Since Evakreatif’s basic principle on web design is to create a website which will earn the trust of its target group, it is important to work as professionally as possible. In this regard, it uses the most common methods to create a site that works well both online and on mobile: quick and adaptable designs. In designs which are compatible to mobile devices, website’s content is fitted to a layout size that matches the common screen sizes. Keeping a layout as consistent between devices as possible is crucial for maintaining user reliance and loyalty.

Since mobile designs might prove  troublesome, Evakreatif works elaborately and cautiously in order to be able to review the work. With the department’s communication skills added to the skills of the people who are responsible for the content, the only thing users need to do is to enjoy the final product.