Digital Advertisement Management

Evakreatif Dijital Advertisement Management defines its service as all the surveillance processes of a company’s marketing activities on digital platforms. Sectoral rivalry is rather intense on digital platforms and it is quite challenging to catch the customers’ attention Evakreatif offers Digital Advertisement Management service in order to help companies finding new customers in this field, developing a strong presence on digital, and communicating digitally. As a marketing manager, Evakreatif is a strong digital brand which promotes a company’s products, services or campaigns. In addition, it is responsible for developing, launching and managing the marketing campaigns of all its users. It plays an important role in increasing website traffic and gaining new customers as well as increasing brand recognition.

It identifies and evaluates new digital technologies on digital platforms. It uses web analytics tools to measure website traffic which is needed to optimize marketing campaigns, e-mail marketing, social media, visual advertising and search advertising better. It actively develops content strategies, social media advertisements and e-mail campaigns to increase brand recognition. In order to manage the digital marketing strategy, it combines various elements into one coherent brand message. Digital Advertisement Management services which are used by Evakreatif in presenting businesses to the user as a digital presence are:

  • Native Advertising
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Video Advertising
  • Search Engine Advertising
  • Pop Up Advertising
  • E-mail Advertising
  • Social Media Advertising


Evakreatif runs digital marketing campaigns skillfully by combining business mind with creativity. The agency which leans on technology, works to reach modern, technology-driven consumers. It utilises web analytics tools effectively throughout the work and undertakes the optimization task of various advertising campaigns in the digital environment employing a data-driven approach.

Evakreatif updates its departments constantly and forms a reliable team in order to generate and implement new ideas. It keeps any activity that is not technology or data based away from consumers brand. It embraces that the best way of success in digital advertisement management is employing a customer-oriented approach.