Creative Design Service

Creative Design Service is offered by Evakreatif which contains qualified brand specialists and brand designers that can interpret and respond to all kinds of creative submissions. Evakreatif gives all its services successfully whether it be creating a totally new brand identity or reviving an old one. In addition to this, it uses animated, printed, digital and video messages effectively in a design. It also has a design service for creating business purposes and strategies.

Evakreatif aims to make a difference in the advertising sector by using the Creative Design Service it developed, harmonizing creativity with skill. Services offered in this field include unique and analytic designs together with easily accessible and idea-based private works. Concordantly, Creative Design Service presented by Evakreatif involves the following:

  • Corporate Identity Design
  • Promotion Products
  • Catalogue Leaflet Design
  • Logo Design
  • Banner Design
  • Custom Graphic Design
  • Package and Label Design
  • Concept Design
  • Business Card Design
  • Digital Advertisement Design and Placement


Evakreatif which creates and/or revives brands in various sectors, carries out studies about who the brand is, what it means, to whom it aims to reach out and what its future needs will be. It puts original projects into practice according to the brand’s needs and purposes. In this sense, it promotes the brand consistently in all social media channels in order to reach the intended population. All the studies done for the brand are used in the design of the ideas, brand surveys, marketing devices and the website so as to make heard the brand voice. Throughout the process, Evakreatif offers creative solutions for graphic design, brochures, banners, leaflets, business cards, e-books and so much more.

As a graphic design agency, Evakreatif aims to leave a permanent mark on the brands’ potential customers. The agency which gives service by combining professionalism with an impressive creativity, is able to form long lasting quality standards for your company in the digital world.