Social Media Management

The services Evakreatif gives under the title of Social Media Management are analyzing social media populations and developing custom strategies for them, creating and distributing content for social media profiles, pursuing online meetings, collaborating with influential people, creating and managing social media profiles for communities. It prepares regular and coherent performance survey and reporting services for companies and brands and/or presents performance surveys and reports that were prepared by the companies, in the digital world. In this sense, Evakreatif, managing digital platforms, aims for building brand recognition in digital media and achieving and maintaining world class quality. The following are the areas Evakreatif serves in the Social Media Management service to achieve its goal:

  • Instagram Account Management
  • Twitter Account Management
  • YouTube Account Management
  • Facebook Account Management
  • Linkedin Account Management
  • TikTok Account Management


Social network has a huge potential for business; companies use social media platforms to obtain their diverse objectives in the marketing field which varies from improving their brand awareness to increasing their number of customers. Hence, there is a high rivalry in social media. It is a must to have a professional social media team in order to stay ahead of the competition. The more goals one wants to achieve via Social Media Marketing the more personnel one will need. For this reason, Evakreatif builds brand awareness by developing an efficient social media management. Social Media Marketing provides the users with platforms created to promote products, services or campaigns; these platforms enables campaign management through comprehensive and simple interfaces.

It is hard to be successful in a sector without having the right tools and methods. Here, Evakreatif stands, ready to offer extensive help in social media marketing and management; the only thing needed to be done in order to achieve business purposes more efficiently and to manage digital marketing processes for the brand is building a project.